I close my eyes to sleep but I can’t. The bell in my mind is ringing. I am a teacher.

Nash, you can drink your coffee in my class. Don’t hide. I will drink mine too. I have not heard any teacher’s approval of it but I have never seen anything wrong with it either. Rules and rules and rules. Giving yourself a bit of freedom will go a long way. Seven thirty you can get your hot coffee going. Its a life lasting love.

Literature is life. These beautifully written stories are stories of your life. Mine too.
We are very complexed creatures and life is long.
I learnt nothing in school. I studied everyday as i was forced to. Copy paste. Learn-reproduce.
Puberty is a whirlwind of emotions and changes. This is the time when we feel the most intense euphoria , especially when the boy next door catches you staring at him and your heart skips a beat because his examining beautiful eyes that hold what even Shakespeare couldnt think of will sweep you off your feet, when autumn comes and sadness nostalgia, melancholy kick in, when you ran from class and you feel all kinds of liberating reveries, freshness and coolness, excitements and boners and happiness and…the lack of it. Confroting the empty the void the depth of ourselves.
And this is the time when you are sat down in a chair to study maths…
I learned nothing in school. Infact learning and remembering came with curiosity. It came with  desire for knowledge. Not the minute i was required of it.
You have to be interested to learn. You have to be involved. It has to be relevent. Which is why we will develop our own way together of finding about life. Reflecting. Because without reflecting you are not living . You are a dead fish going with the current. Simply going through life without making sense without tracking.
All that lessons you are going to learn in life, the problem is they expect you to learn it all now . Insights come at the most random times and placеs, the metro, the kitchen, the toilet… And they are all so so valuable. but they expect you to be here prsent to follow all the teacher says. Johny repeat what i last said!!(joke)
and make the same conclusions, think the same way, at the same pace . And you get celebrated for each time you do exactly as you are told.
It’s important to each ourselves to think outside the box. To give yourself enough credit.
I respect you as much as i respect myself and i think im pretty cool.
You can learn from me and I can learn from you. Our true ability to be centered on others not ourselves comes later in life.
And its okay. I want to teach you not to feel like slaves in class. I am not authority.
We learn our whole lives.
I want to teach you to be, to express to explore new horizons, to learn by doing so you may not be afraid of trying the unknown.
To know you will be heard.
(Slurp coffee. silence of some seconds. Opening the windows to let new train of thought come in.)
The most profound words by people are the ones who teach you something new every day.. They grow and change you.
Here is my quote of the day:
“Don”t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant”.
-Robert Louis Stevenson
What crosses your mind? A modern day. Surely not earth seeds. What is the harvest?  Do you reap only good? Sometimes bad. The harvest can be bad ask the fermers they know all about it.
It’s about the focus we have when we evaluate our day and what we concentrate on during the day. The harvest is all that happened to you. We think about it all the time. But at the end of the day think of what you have sown. What you have done. You are responsible for the words that land in ur friends ears. You matter. One person can change thousand. Its always small minority of insightful wise men that jave ever changed history and lead the masses.
And more often you will learn its what you don’t do. There are peoiple who will stun you for what they will not do. For their disciplined spirit. For the nasty joke they will not laugh at in a spur of a massive contagious group laugh. And evaluating, reflecting your day, learning from yourself you will see things you’ve said you’ve done that you should have spared. But you are only human. In the realisation, that will grow so big in time of how powerful we are with  and what we do and dont do,  with the things we say,  you will become in line with how you feel inside and find a state of well being and will truly make this world a better place.
The biggest criminals are not those who are making the crime (they are just victim) but you in your sobriety witnessing and doing nothing. As you don’t,  nextman might look at your non-reaction and stay down. And the third will surely think theres something wrong with them if I stand up when two are laying down. Truth of matter is we are very conformistic and naive and trustful. You have to carefuly examine yourself each and every day.
So much for me you can go out 20 in advance. Homework. Write the quote down. Not now. At 8:57pm Whatever you are up to.